Allow multiple sort criteria in ListSort action

On our radar

The SortRecordList extension allowed to have multiple sort criterias. The ListSort should have feature parity with that extension, at least.

Having this built-in on the platform would be useful for sorting third-party datasources. For example, imagine that a web service returns financial transactions, and has two distinct columns: Date and Time. We would need to sort on both columns to be able to present data in chronological order.

Created on 14 Jun 2017
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I don't know if it should be an option in the platform? There are a lot of ways possible in the 'sorting way'. So wouldn't it be better that this option be available trough an extension like <this>?

The system action has many advantages over the extension. The most important is, in my opinion, having the true change when you rename or remove a field that is being referenced by a sort. Also, you don't need to cast the record list to an object, which is a non-obvious step required by the extension.

Can understand that, but that also isn't the case with the RW table column sorting widget so would it be possible here?