Automation-Email notification for platform license expiry

By Ajaykumar Sadanande on 14 Jun 2017

This is for getting notification before OutSystems platform license expiry date is closure to end. So that internal teams can take care of the platform license before it ends. 

I know that we get notifications from outSystems on this regard but to check these notifications, one should have access to service center and constantly monitor it.

I have created an configurable timer which takes number of days before license ends and notifies via email.

I am using system entities to fetch this information. 

LicenseExpiryDateAlertBeforeDays days is configurable via a site propriety and timer needs to be scheduled to run on regular basis.

Attached Oml for reference.


Hope it helps. 


Davide Marquês19 Jun 2017

Hi Ajay,

Thank you for submitting this idea. I have good news: the automatic-email notifications that you are suggesting are already in place. :)

To ensure that you receive these notifications please contact your infrastructure administrator asking him to add you as an "Additional Contact" in the Licensing application:

That way you'll get the expiry notifications ahead of time.