Copy/paste assignment

By Kilian Hekhuis on 21 Jun

We have Ctrl-D for deleting a variable+value pair from an assignment, but I'm often in want of a copy/paste option as well, or alternatively a drag/drop for a single assignment pair. Currently, I need to copy/paste the variable and value seperately.

Then you still need to change the variable and/or value right? So which advantage does the copy/paste has?

Drag and drop a attribute for the variable selection would be a nice one!


I use it especially for moving assignments from one Assignment control to another, e.g. to split a set of Assignments.

So copy paste assignment and then use Ctr-D? (-:


Yes, that's often what I end up doing, but it's far from ideal. Ctrl-D was long overdue, but that didn't mean you couldn't remove assignments at all, it just was cumbersome. Just like copy/pasting a pair of assignments.

Bruno Nabiça12 Oct (5 days ago)

That would be a perfect idea! Especially when assigning multiple attributes to one or few assigns!