Copy/paste assignment

By Kilian Hekhuis on 21 Jun 2017

We have Ctrl-D for deleting a variable+value pair from an assignment, but I'm often in want of a copy/paste option as well, or alternatively a drag/drop for a single assignment pair. Currently, I need to copy/paste the variable and value seperately.

Then you still need to change the variable and/or value right? So which advantage does the copy/paste has?

Drag and drop a attribute for the variable selection would be a nice one!

Kilian Hekhuis26 Jun 2017


I use it especially for moving assignments from one Assignment control to another, e.g. to split a set of Assignments.

So copy paste assignment and then use Ctr-D? (-:

Kilian Hekhuis5 Jul 2017


Yes, that's often what I end up doing, but it's far from ideal. Ctrl-D was long overdue, but that didn't mean you couldn't remove assignments at all, it just was cumbersome. Just like copy/pasting a pair of assignments.

Bruno Nabiça12 Oct 2017

That would be a perfect idea! Especially when assigning multiple attributes to one or few assigns!

JR31 Oct 2017

It would be very useful to copy and paste an assign operation from one flow assign-widget  to another flow assign-widget using a simple CTRL-C and CTL-V keyboard shortcut

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