SET URL name for mobile apps - not based on hostname

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add input field for URL name to use when generating ipa or apk file so that the application will be available based on the name and not the hostname of the server. The URL will be used in the DNS so that it is possible to host mobile app from internal server instead of from the cloud..  

Created on 3 Jul 2017
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Hi all,

I'm glad I've found something about this already in the Ideas - Congrats' on the idea Martin. 

Although it's an year old, let me recall it and take advantage to share how this would be a nice feature, as I have a different problem from Martin's that this would solve.

Before we activated the mobile services in our infrastructure, we had our internal Load Balancer configured in the Hostname. Then we had to change to our public address, in order to be able to generate mobile apps. This affected all our internal e-mails sent from the platform.

In our internal e-mails, we always put a link to the application in context, as an example, some e-mail about an Human Resourses operation has a link to the Human Resources application. To build this link we use the GetEntryURL from HTTPRequestHandler that normally gets the current server but, when used in an e-mail, assumes the Hostname - our external address, configured only for services and API's. So all the links stopped working as they are called internally.

Possible solutions:

  • Hardcode our internal Load balancer in the links - would rather not;
  • Redirect the external address to the internal address - the Support suggested this, but in our reality that would take some tricky configurations that, until now, we were not able to implement as it would have impact in other configurations;
  • Have this nice idea implemented :)

I sugest having some alternative Hostname for the mobile services in the Environment Configuration.

Best regards,

Ricardo Dias