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It would be nice to have an option to clone/duplicate an application in Service Studio in the application detail view like we have the option to edit and remove.

And also it would be nice to have the option to do the same to the modules inside but as an option.

Created on 5 Jul 2017
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It ever so often happens I need to clone an application. Currently, the basic procedure to clone an entire application is:
- Open each application module in Service Studio, clone it and publish.
- Go through each application module's clone and manage dependencies so they reference the other cloned modules instead of the original application's ones.
- Create new application and move cloned modules to new application.

The suggestion is: Provide some UI, either in Service Studio or Service Center, that automates this process for us. The developer would only need to press a button "Clone Application", and a new CloneOfApplication application would be generated.

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Ability to copy an application rather than module by module.

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I think this already exists by creating an OSP file using the instructions here - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/ProjectUpload.aspx?ProjectId=0 - click on How do I export an Outsystems Application Package.

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Exporting an OAP allows you to share your application with others, so they can install it in other environments (IPP may apply), but it maintains application/module Ids. If you export a new version of the OAP (where some modules have been updated) and install it in an environment where you installed a previous version of the OAP, its modules will be overwritten.

This is the correct behaviour for Application Packages, but not good for the described use case, where we want to generate completely distinct applications/modules (different Ids) that happen to have the exact same content and relationships between themselves.

It would be great to be able to clone a whole application rather than each independent module.  When you have a correctly architected application this can mean huge numbers of clones and redefining references.

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Absolutly agree!!  ++1

Any New Updated for that subject

Any update on this ?

Hey Badr and Rajashekar,

Unfortunately we don't have plans to tackle this in the near future.

Nevertheless, we will keep this under our radar.


Still a very wanted function to have.

It would be a very nice feature indeed, since the "clone-each-module-and-change-references" method is far from being flawless...

it's a great idea and it is less error prone.

Would be nice to have.