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I don't know if this is a reality in any version of outsystems or if someone has the same issue than we have. If it has a simple solution or is in another idea, please ignore and remove this post.

Imagine that you have a complex process that your company uses a lot and you have for some reason to change it.

In some cases we change for bug solving, other times we need to change the process itself but we cannot afford to wait until all active instances being completed neither we want those process activities to move to the new workflow.

So, It would be great if we had the ability of when posting a newer version of a specific process (that change the process on a deep level), have the chance of maintain the older version running, only for the active instances and the newer for all other processes.

The solution that we use now is to duplicate the process and maintain both running until the older one has completely closed all activities and sub processes, which is a workaround because we do not like to have duplicate code just waiting to be worn off and deleted.

Created on 5 Jul 2017
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