JavaScript (for logic) and Events for Web Application

On our radar

Hi Everyone,

  1. Like mobile app development, is it possible to have the capability of writing code in Javascript (logic) for the web application. Meaning we write logic in JS and it gets converted into C# or Java. I believe this could get handy.

  2. Is it also possible to have events support for web applications too. Currently we have web blocks and onNotify but it will even better if we could have the same as mobile app development

These might have been requested already but just felt like sharing   
what do you guys think ? 


Created on 10 Jul 2017
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two ideas in one idea is not handy.

furthermore, why would it be handy to convert js to c#/java ?

Hi J.

"furthermore, why would it be handy to convert js to c#/java ?"

my bad. i wasn't clear, converting the code to c#/java might not be handy but having the ability to code server side logic in JavaScript will be handy. Especially for people who are not familiar with c# or Java.