Set 'Send Default Values' at the method level

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It would be nice if on a Rest-Api we could define the property Send Default Values at the method level, instead of the service level.

Created on 10 Jul 2017
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Hi Gonçalo,

Can you give me more context about this need and the use case?

Thank you.

Hello Gonçalo,

From what I could test, right now you are able to define this property at the level of the method.

However, I just struggled with the same problem in a different way.

In my example, I need to define this property at the method level, but for a specific attribute of a structure. Right now (OutSystems 11),  it's possible to do it in the input parameter, but if the parameter is a structure, you cannot change it at the attribute level:

In my use case, if I send some default values of other attributes I don't need in this request, I'll end up with bad responses.


Samuel Jesus