Right-click variable "Create Action/Function"

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More often than not we need a function just to return the value of a boolean (or some other type) Site property.

Right clicking a variable should show an option to create a function who's only content (for starters) would be an assign returning the value of that variable.

Created on 13 Jul 2017
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Hello Bruno. Why do you need to create an action just for that?

Leonardo -

I do this *all the time*. Why? Because I separate all site properties into a "config" espace, so it is easy to find the setting you need, but Site Properties cannot be made public, so I create Get/Set (if needed) Actions for each one.


Justin, that was exactly what I thought.

This should be better handled by allowing to expose site properties as public elements, not by creating wrapper actions around them.

Leonardo -

Yes, that would be another perfectly happy approach, and preferable :)

I can't think of any other place I do this, except for Site Properties... sometimes I will have a very specific use for something like this (like specific Attribute that gets updated without the other values changing) but that is very rare.


ugh, would not like to have them public. rather have wrappers.