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I've seen many situation where the developers are using different Service Studio version (for example 10.0.300 and 10.0.600) and it is resulting in some problems related the merges,  rollback and with the solutions published. 

To avoid it, the Service Studio could show an alert when the eSpace published in the server was made in a different Service Studio version like happen when you try for example open an eSpace from Studio 9 with the Studio 10, but considering too the variation in the release. 

Created on 21 Jul 2017
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This is already done when opening service studio right? (see image below). It only requires the developer to also update to the newer version when this message is shown.


Hi Evert.

You are right, this window is opened when you are using an old version, but you can choose still using the current versions and update it later.

 The problem I'm talking is more related a scenario where into a team there are some people usign diferente versions that could be a problema to deploy the solution.


Tiago Vital

Hello Tiago,

Updating would be a 'personal' agreement between team members I think.

Must say that I'm curious which problems you run into, because I'm working for 5-6 years with multiple people (which I know doesn't always upgrade to the latest version) and never had any kind of problem related to older service studio verions and wrong deploys.

Kind regards,


Hi Evert

In our case, there are 2 differents OS version environment in the company for business and IT decision, the first is 10.0.300 and the another is 10.0.600.

I was working on the environment .300 with a Studio .300, I prefered upgrade my Studio to the new version later and I had to help the team in some development in the environment .600.

Everybody from this another team are using the Studio .600.

When I started publish in this environment,  a lot of problem started happen as rollback of the publish that only was noted by the Service Center logs,  because in the Studio the publish was showed as success. So, everybody were working and publishing normally even this rollback heppening and after a some time one of them noted that the changes were not made in the system. I think one of the developer lost some changes for this reason because his version was not been published in the server correctly.

Best regards 

Tiago Vital 

Hello Tiago,

Sounds more as a bug in the platform (don't know if you've reported it?), shouldn't work this way, but makes the idea better to understand, thanks for the clearification.

Kind regards,