Download Application inside Service Studio

By Gonçalo Martins on 26 Jul 2017

It would be great if you had the possibility to download an application (.oap file) directly from Service Studio, with no need to enter Service Center:

Vasco Pessanha27 Jul 2017

Love the idea!

Out of curiosity, usually why do you want to download the app? send it to someone else?


Gonçalo Martins27 Jul 2017

Hi Vasco.

I just found this need when for instance I want to download an application to upload to the Forge and it seemed to me that it was a valid use case and since we can edit information about the application, why not be able to download it to?! And it seems something not that difficult to add to Service Studio.


J.3 Nov 2017

Must have for easy backups and uploading forge components.

J., great to know I'm not the only person to have this need. It should be something simple to implement.