Choosing Button color in the properties area.

By André Lopes on 3 Aug (3 weeks ago)

Hi everyone,

It would be great if we could change a Button background color ,and inside text color, in the properties area just like we define the visibility.

It could save a lot of time, instead of creating various classes in the css for diferent colored buttons.


Hidur M6 Aug (2 weeks ago)

how to change the icon color in on click event?

J.7 Aug (2 weeks ago)

Err, css-classes are better, because (when) you have to change it, it would only be in the css,

otherwise you end up with a ziliion extra "style" in the html.

and you need to change every page where a certain color is..

André Lopes9 Aug (13 days ago)

Hi j,

I agree with you, but, but this idea would be plausable and "applyable" for a single, or lonely, button, 

for exemple, a single button that we want to change the color just in this single button. 

Increasing the css lengh with a class just for changing the background color of a unique button, it is , in my view, not a elegant solution,


J.9 Aug (13 days ago)

I see, but why, if it's just for 1 button, use the extended properties and set it with style?

André Lopes10 Aug (12 days ago)

My goal would be making the css smaller and less confusing,


André Lopes10 Aug (12 days ago)

The idea has the same principle as the extended properties for containers, were we can just define the left and top margin on the extended properties or we can choose creating a css class,