Forge - Separate the "Component" from the "Demo"

By Justin James on 3 Aug (3 weeks ago)

The Demos in Forge projects take up a TON of SUs/AOs. But if you delete the demos after installing, the next time you upgrade the component you get the demo code again.

Solution: have the component author upload a demo (OAP, OML, or OSP) separately from the component itself (OAP, OML, OSP, or XIF). Then allow the Forge user a choice of "Download Component Only" or "Download Component + Demo".

To make this better, add a "Project" that is similar to an OSP, but can contain Applications as well. That way, the Demo can be a separate Application from the Component, and they can be delivered together in one download. A level above "Application" has been requested a few times already.


Matthias Preuter3 Aug (3 weeks ago)

Must have

J.7 Aug (2 weeks ago)


I would like to keep the "external" components untocuhed, so you can upgared far more easily (instead of force installs etc)

so, yes, demo-stuff should be somewhere else