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ServiceStudio is usually very helpful in 'guessing' the intended data type of a new variable or attribute. 

However, sometimes, when I change the name of a variable or attribute afterwards, Service Studio again 'helps' me by changing the data type, which I don't always want. 

It would be helpful to have a little undo button somewhere in the data type property field, so I can undo the automatically data type change, in cases where I know the original data type is what I wanted instead of the new data type that ServiceStudio thinks it should be.

Created on 6 Aug 2017
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Either that or a checkbox or something to "lock" the type of a variable and prevent it from being automatically changed.

Note: Once the variable/attribute is in use, the auto-typing stops happening. Problem is, it will be more clicks/interaction to lock it, than to set the type again. :(


Well Justin, in most cases you are correct, but I've had this issue with a variable which was a list of type record with 6 different structures and it just changed this to a simple record of one structure after fixing a typo in the name.

I don't that that a checkbox is the right solution, because you have to know beforehand that the type is going to change or you have to do the change, see that the type changed, undo the change (CTRL+Z), set the checkbox and redo the change, which is indeed a lot of extra work to prevent the change from happening.

I would like to see a similar functionality as in Word when you paste a piece of text. A small popup that auto-hides after a couple of seconds and in which you can decide if you want to change the type of keep the type and only want to change the name.

Remco Dekkinga

Like the idea! This data type guessing behavior when we rename variable/attribute is really annoying! Because of this I sometimes include in the description of the variable/attribute the data type, to be able to detect when the data type has automatically changed and I (or other developer) did not notice.

I am not sure about what the best implementation would be (undo feature, lock mechanism, other?).

Justin James,

what do you mean by "auto-typing" in:

"Note: Once the variable/attribute is in use, the auto-typing stops happening." ?

Is it "automatically data type changing"?

But I think in Service Studio even if that variable/attribute is in use sometimes the data type gets changed if you rename that variable/attribute.

Tiago -

Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

In almost 9 years of using Service Studio, I have NEVER seen a data type automatically change *after the variable is being used*.



You are totally correct about "I have NEVER seen a data type automatically change *after the variable is being used*.". Myself did not realize that.

BUT, since Service Studio only validates the usage of the variable/attribute within the same eSpace, this situation still occurs, for instance, when renaming attributes in public structures that are not used in the eSpace where they are defined and are only used in the consumer eSpaces.

Tiago Bernardo

Tiago -

Got it! Yes, that makes sense. That sounds like a "bug" to me, I suggest you file it.


This is a love hate relationship.  The following use fits my needs:

The smart Data Type auto feature should be initially turned on for a given parameter after the parameter is created.  The auto smart Data Type auto feature will turn off when either of the following conditions occur:

  •   The Data Type is manually changed from within the Parameter property window.


  • Upon the exiting of the Parameter property window session (to some other object) where the Name property was manually edited in the Parameter property window session.

Erik -

#1 is *already* the case.


Merged this idea with 'Add a shortcut to disable DataType change while renaming variable' (created on 03 Jan 2019 14:12:23 by Mykola (Nick) Tkachenko)

It is frustrating sometimes when I'm renaming a variable and the data type changes automatically if there is a math with entity name. It should be possible to rename without changing data type for example holding Alt key... or have a setting to disable type change while renaming.

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