Make Labels of Entities and Data Structures attributes translatable

On our radar

If we translate labels of Entity and Structure attributes these translations could be used as a default translation in screens, emails etc and in RecordListToExcel.

Especialy the use of translated label in the RecordListToExcel will be usefull. If it is a requirement to have the column headers in the user's language we have to create a duplicated structure per language with the labels translated. For each RecordListToExcel an if or switch must be implemented using GetCurrentLocale.

Created on 10 Aug 2017
Comments (2)

I support this idea. There could be some kind of option to tick whether the programmer wants or not the export action to be translated to the users current locale.

I support this. I've recently faced the requirement of having the Excel column headers translated, and creating one structure for each supported language is clunky and time consuming.