Select all in LifeTime applications to deploy

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Would be great to have "Select all" button in LifeTime deployment applications selection.

We have more than 30 applications to deploy, and clicking all them to select is really annoying. I think in most cases you would want to deploy everything which is present on target environment, taking the latest versions.

I would even prefer everything selected by default when you enter that deployment screen. I recall working with more "classic" contiuos integration systems - CruiseControl and TeamCity - where you didn't need to click even once because deployment started automatically after checkin :) - and how much harder it is with LifeTime...

Created on 10 Aug 2017
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Nice idea!

You should be able to select a default action to all applications, it's indeed annoying to select "tag and deploy" in so many applications. Specially, if you have a large factory where almost or all applications are combined in one single deployment.

Hi guys,

We have changed the LifeTime experience to give the "tag & deploy" option as default. So no need to select this option on each application when creating the deployment plan. 

Another feedback here, if you want to automate the full pipeline so the deployment can start after a developer event (task is finished or a tag) you can orchestrate it using the LifeTime Deployment API (https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Reference/OutSystems_APIs/LifeTime_Deployment_API_v2).