Use image resource for custom icons of webblock, actions, etc.

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When changing the icon of a webblock or action you now have to upload the icon from the local file system for each action. It would be nice if we could use images from within service studio. Thus avoiding the lookup from the file system.

Created on 17 Aug 2017
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What will happen if you delete the image from service studio?

Can understand the wish but having it easier to create an custom icon things can get messy also. Also keep in mind that all custom icon action are shown in the widgets pane.

You may have a good point there. Also I realized that waht goes into the resources will be part of the delivery. And this is only part of the development environment.

If you want a series of web blocks to have the same icon, the current behavior of re importing the same image for each web block is a real pain.

Since there is no sorting mechanism in the Application Studio Interface, changing the default icon is very helpful in quickly finding a UI object without having to reading every object names.  

The workaround convention is changing the names of the objects to use a OS object type name prefix such that user can quickly mentally group the items contained in the tree view.  This goes against the standard naming convention however where the OS object type name as the suffix of the name, if at all.