[ServiceCenter] - Disable Brute Force Protection for ServiceCenter users

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In Service Center should be possible to disable the protection of OutSystems applications against brute force attacks:

See Documentation about it.

It's possible to disable for the applications (via Users eSpace) however is not possible to disable it for ServiceCenter users.

Created on 22 Aug 2017
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Hi Daniel,

Why wouldn't you want to be protected against brute force password attacks?


Hello João,

When making use of internal acces only this option isn't really needed and can be annoying for employees.

Kind regards,

That's it Evert!

If such a configuration was added to the Users eSpaces (by the way is lacking multi-tenant support), that should be added to ServiceCenter, this way you would could make your choice.

A good example where brute force password attacks could be disabled is for Non Productive environments, or where Service Center is not reachable from outside of your organization.