add hotkeys for studio

By Pavel Barysiuk on 22 Aug 2017

We are using v 9.1 on premise.

Dev team makes a lot of changes every hour, and by end of day, whole code goes to customer "test" environment. And in that much of espaces are deployed without "dependencies", so anyone needs just to open all of them and refresh every espace dependency to deploy all without errors and mismatch.

I't wiil be great to use a hot key in service studio to open espace by positional number, press hotkey for "manage decencies" apply them by hitting "enter" and publish with "F5"

J.22 Aug 2017

Err, so, you are not using lifetime?

Tiago Neves25 Aug 2017

@J It may sound odd, but I recently bumped with one on-premises installation without it... not even on the Prod.

Wouldn't it be easier to create an solution and publish that solution to the test environment? Then the dependencies are handled as they should be.

Even creating a solution on the test environment itself and do the 'publish current running version' would be a lot easier.

Pavel Barysiuk25 Aug 2017

For now i had some issues with lifetime module.

Well solutions are done trough service center, not lifetime.