change "site properties" from cli (bash, cmd)

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In some different environment customer IT security team close access to different servers, e.q. to production servers for dev's. But in some cases it's need to be changer some property of modules in site properties. Something may be like customer MQ service (it can be different for different envs) or some service IP addresses. And without access to prod by http from dev pc, i'ts hard to manage. But there is "LifeTime" server, that need access to all envs by http, so it can possibly change it, or send request to do it. Like it does "osptool" for publish solution pack to another env, will be great to have some cli tool to change "site properties" 

Created on 22 Aug 2017
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Yep, that great component, thanks, but cli tool also needed.

For which use case would it be needed to change site properties trough a command line?

Some power shell automation tools?

Anyway, assuming you can call REST services via power shell, it would be possible to create something yourself.