Create a new forum for training/beginners

on 01 Sep 2017

When doing the Labs included in the Online Courses, there are questions and issues that are very specific to the proposed Lab and a dedicated forum could be helpful. 

These are some of  the advantages I see:   

1) Efficiency: the team involved  in the preparation of the labs for example, could easily answer these questions. Sometimes it's hard for beginners even to formulate the problem and ask, but when the context can be referenced things might become easier. 

2) Involvement of beginners: other community folks that are doing the courses/have already done them,  might also be able to answer other beginners' questions; they also know the context, they have probably faced similar issues, and they might therefore know the steps to solve it.

3) Early detection of possible errors in the labs: If there are any errors in the labs, these will be shared in the training forum. Since the specific reference to the lab will be given, this could be easily corrected or improved by the training team.  

 4) Other: we, beginners, will not be "pollluting" other forums with very basic questions :)

Just an idea coming from a beginner who is doing the course on "Developing Outsystems Mobile Apps". 


Created on 23 Aug 2017
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24 Aug 2017

Hi Gaby

There is already a Developer Online Courses forum http://www.outsystems.com/forums/Forum_TopicList.aspx?ForumId=59&Index=0



24 Aug 2017

Hi Paul, 

It seems I don't have permission to access the Forum you sent me through the link 



25 Aug 2017

Hi Gaby,

You must be logged in to access this forum. Can you check if you are logged in?



No permissions indeed:

25 Aug 2017

@Paul, yes I was logged in. Same message as Evert. 

27 Aug 2017

Strange, seems I have special authorization. Please check with OutSystems Support



29 Aug 2017

HI guys

no needed. It was an issue. All the users logged in can access to it.

Sorry about that!


still no access

31 Aug 2017

Evert, can you please try again?

Yeah gone right this time (-:

So now this idea is solved...?

4 Sep 2017

Great!! thanks!