Make Structures mirror similar functionality and look and feel as the Entity data type.

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The Entity datatype has the built in CRUD Server actions automatically created when the entity is created.  The Structure object should have similar stub CRUD Server actions (look and feel) with a list paramer being used as an input/output parameter.  In addition the Aggregate task updated or at least offed to allow querying of lists of structure in same manner as an Entity data type.

Created on 27 Aug 2017
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The entities are used to save data in the database, the structures are used to (temporary) hold data in runtime. It are just two different things in the platform.

There are some possibilities to query a local list using the system action: ListFilter.

I know about the OS List functions and Linq functions, but these are just workarounds.

Entities and Structures are just POCOs.

Entities implement IPersistInOSDatabase, Structures do not.

Entities and Structures both are wrapped by IEnumerable.

Thus an Aggregate Server action should be able to be refactored quickly to accept a different type of IEnumerable as a data source.  This could be done in various ways using existing technologies:  .Generics(.Net/Java), Data API Frameworks (ODBC, OLEDB,...), Mappers, etc.

It seem very unnatural to be able to put all the business logic (models to view, filter, join, sort) in a single aggregate operations for persisted objects but the have to manually create and tie together a series of built and not built in operations to to perform the equivalent business logic on the exact same objects, minus the the latter set of objects just do not implement persistence.

OS excels on the scaffolding/processing of data that is persists, however OS currently owns a minimal amount of the corporate data stores.  Corporate development has evolved/devolved to be really a series of Mashups.  The minimal development platform that will win be the leader will be the platform that excels at mashups, 

Winner = scaffolding/processing/mapping from any data sources to a view model on any device.