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In the logic, it might be nice to offer grouping elements like a resize-able "}" bracket, colored semi-transparent boxes, and the like for separation of logic processes.  These would have no impact on the logic itself, merely just visuals for quickly grasping logic flow.

Created on 31 Aug 2017
Comments (2)

Yeah, I actually thought of this myself in the past, especially the coloured boxes. With a label, you could then name the various sections of an action.

That said, in general you would not want your Actions to become so large this would be needed :). But +1 anyway.

I agree with Kilian that if you feel like you need to group elements in a flow, you should consider refactoring it. My suggestion would be to extract those grouped parts of the flow into a different action. This is now easy to do with the option "Extract to Action" available in the context menu of an action flow.