Absolute need for clearing the espace old versions in a better way

By Ravi V on 8 Sep (2 weeks ago)

As we work on the creating multiple versions with multiple applications, the outsystems platforms piles up all the different versions in the database creating a huge mass which is very difficult to maintain and clean up.

We gott suggestions from outsystems support team  to use DBCleaner application or use Service Studio to clean up older versions but none of them work as they should.

For example DBCleaner lists all the older versions but it cannot delete them effectively and often leaves them without deleting the older version, even though we wanted to get rid of them.

Similary there are multiple issues with using Service Center's - "Check Old eSpace Versions to Delete". There are very limited options on the filters in this screen. We cannot choose any date range we want. We cannot select the individual versions to delete.

There is an absolute need for clearing all the older versions in a better way.

Overall it is becoming very difficult to get rid of the older versions as the companies builds the applications aggressively.

Tiago Neves9 Sep (2 weeks ago)


Unfortunately, there are also several other features to better manage the platform that I think OutSystems is lacking. :(

Stefaans Bothma12 Sep (13 days ago)

Great idea.