HTML code of the page in the platform.

On our radar


Is there any future plans for showing the html code of a page in the platform, not sure if there is a way already, just like in any other design tool, you see both design and code view. 

On some of the scenarios, we found you just need to rely on Inspect Element of browser to see details of CSS and other design tags on your page and make adjustment there first to visually see the changes and then make changes back into your design.

Just a thought if that's something really help people in design.



Created on 9 Sep 2017
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Don't see that happening, that would sort of be the opposite of OutSystems purpose - a visual tool.

Anyways, allowing that would open a door to a lot of broken stuff as a result.

Well, for styling things (which still is via CSS, which is the opposite from "visual" imho) it could be useful to be able to see what classes are applied to out-of-the-box stuff like forms and table records etc. But full HTML won't happen (and not really possible with all the Ifs etc.).