Dashboard to batch download and/or install newer versions of Forge Components

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A dashboard that - on one screen - shows what Forge components have newer versions released (compared to what is installed in an Environment), and ability to batch download (more than 1 at a time) as well as (maybe) installing that batch at once (maybe downloaded as Solution Pack?) into that Environment.

Created on 10 Sep 2017
Comments (2)

I guess it might be problematic, as it's a good practice to test everything before publishing. A new version can always contain bugs and crash something that used to work fine in your apps, don't you think?

Besides the fact that it would be a hard one for my environments since I split up most of the forge component since I don't need all the example screens/modules in my test/acpt/prod environments.

I don't know if batch download-install all forge components is a good one, most of the time their library components and it requires quite some republish of all the consumers and that can have quite some effect.