Specify application icon per environment [Mobile]

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For each of our native platform apps, I usually have three different versions running on my phone, one for each environment.

  1. the development version
  2. the testing version
  3. the current production version

I identify these different apps by specifying a slightly different ICON for each environment.

The DEV icon for development, the TEST icon for TESTING, and the plain icon for production.
This helps because I can immediately see on the phone which version I am running when I touch the app to open it.

This works well until it comes time to deploy the latest changes from Dev -> Testing -> Production.

Immediately after deploy, I must then open the application, and upload the TESTING icon again (and upload the Production icon in the production environment.)

How about a feature when editing the application inside service studio to upload THREE icons; one per environment. Then we wouldn't have to keep remembering to change the icon after every deploy.

Thanks for your consideration.

Created on 10 Sep 2017
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I think this would be great

I agree that this will make things a bit easier

Definitely needed. Will wait til this feature will be added to future version

It will be very useful

I would say that as the icons are defined in the Configuration, this idea is more generic and useful (even if not easier): https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/5154/mobile-extensibility-configurations-per-environment-on-lifetime-or-service-center

This idea is exactly what we are after at the moment.