Ability to view BlockedUsers and LoginAttempts for all USERS

By Alan Telford (Maxtel) on 12 Sep 2017

I have two needs.

  1. show ALL USERS who currently are blocked from a LOGIN.
  2. Show the most recent LoginAttempts for ALL users.

Neither are these are handled well from the USERS espace.

Regarding #1, the IPAddress_GetBlocks server action can be used to quickly show ALL IP addresses which are currently in a blocked state. There should be an equivalent USERS_GetBlocks action to return the blocking state of ALL users.
Currently I would have to loop through all 8000+ users and individually call User_GetBlockedStatus before I could know this information.

Regarding #2 - the USERS espace has a public page (although it's not in the menu)  e..g https://my.environment.com/Users/GetUserLoginAttempts.aspx which allows me to quickly view all login attempts. But this doesn't work for a multi-tenant application. It only shows LoginAttempts in the default USERS module. A simple solution would be either:

a) Expose the LoginAttempt table as PUBLIC + READ ONLY; then we could easily query it. 

b) A new serveraction e.g. IPAddress_GetLoginAttempts which would optionally pass the UserName/IPAddress to filter on.

Our support team is frustrated at the lack of ability to easily view the recent login attempts, and this would greatly ease the situation.

Stefaans Bothma18 Sep 2017

This will be useful with when you have a larger user base.

Eric Halim12 Jan (9 days ago)

Agree we need this

Eric Halim18 Jan (3 days ago)

"a) Expose the LoginAttempt table as PUBLIC + READ ONLY; then we could easily query it."

You need to clone User module this is not good it will extra efforts for login among applications and will affect users license