Integrations: explicitly show whether exposed or consumed

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When an integration (SOAP or REST) is exposed or consumed, the default icon shows, but the way the arrow is pointing, whether it's exposed or consumed:

(The above icons are from the context menu, but are also shown in the tree.)

However, when assigning a custom icon, unless the custom icon also has some indication, the distinction is lost:

(The first one is an exposed API, the bottom two ones are consumed.)

Also, when clicking the APIs, Service Studio only shows "REST API", but not whether they're exposed or consumed: only the different properties tell what you're looking at:

(Exposed REST API)

(Consumed REST API)

At the very least, "REST API" should be replaced by "Exposed REST API" and "Consumed REST API" respectively, but it would be extra nice if there would be an indication near/on the icon in the tree as well (perhaps an arrow overlay) to minimize confusion.

Created on 13 Sep 2017
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This will definitely help.