[OutSystems 10] Make the Aggregate test value dropdown for static entity records scrollable!

By Lloyd Philbert on 14 Sep 2017

With OutSystems 10 it's now possible to create and test aggregates by entering your own values in the aggregate's Test Values option. In the case where a static entity record is used for a filter a dropdown is shown to allow the user to choose a static entity record. 

Unfortunately in the case where for a static entity where there are many records the dropdown list overflows past the screen. This might not be an issue for users with large high resolution monitors (e.g. a 27 inch screen), but for the majority of us with smaller screen sizes this becomes an issue. 

See the attached screenshot for a demonstration of said issue.

A scrollable version of this dropdown would be very, very much appreciated!!

Kind regards,

Lloyd Philbert

Tiago Neves16 Sep 2017

I guess I'm one of those who didn't noticed this. Definitely needed! +1

Stefaans Bothma18 Sep 2017

This is needed