[OutSystems 10] Make the Aggregate test value dropdown for static entity records scrollable!

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With OutSystems 10 it's now possible to create and test aggregates by entering your own values in the aggregate's Test Values option. In the case where a static entity record is used for a filter a dropdown is shown to allow the user to choose a static entity record. 

Unfortunately in the case where for a static entity where there are many records the dropdown list overflows past the screen. This might not be an issue for users with large high resolution monitors (e.g. a 27 inch screen), but for the majority of us with smaller screen sizes this becomes an issue. 

See the attached screenshot for a demonstration of said issue.

A scrollable version of this dropdown would be very, very much appreciated!!

Kind regards,

Lloyd Philbert

Created on 14 Sep 2017
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I guess I'm one of those who didn't noticed this. Definitely needed! +1

This is needed

Just found out that in release version 10.0.903.0 this idea was implemented: https://success.outsystems.com/Support/Release_Notes/10/Development_Environment/Development_Environment_10.0.903.0.

Thanks OutSystems!