Possibility to configure mapping of original types in external database to OS internal types

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I'm currently working in an application that connects to an external database. This external database has decimal fields defined as Decimal (38, 20) and boolean fields as TinyInt.
By design (as described in https://goo.gl/M13kFv) these fields are mapped to Text and Integer fields respectively, so I need to change them by hand for each imported table.

I want to have the possibility to redefine this mapping for an external connection, so that this will be automated.

Created on 15 Sep 2017
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Hi Lennart,

Have you tried following the guide on Mapping Tables to Entities (link)?

Integration Studio allows you to override the default mapping already.

Hi Goncalo,

Thanks for your reaction.

I know I can override the field types. The thing it that this is a manual task, that takes some time. I had to import more than 30 external entities. The table with the most fields had more than 200 fields. I had to go over all the fields by hand. Therefore my idea to create a possibility to create a way to automate this task, e.g. by a way to override the default (TinyInt --> Default: Integer --> Override: Boolean).

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