Styling (CSS) made easy

By Harry de Boer on 17 Sep 2017

Outsystems and SILK are great. But still you have to code a lot in CSS for a low code platform. I propose an approach like the WebFlow product where it is much easier to handle complex UI (css, margins, padding, fluids, flexbox etc) without actualy writing CSS. I think this would be a gigantic leap for the platform (v11 ?).

Regards, Harry

Shane Miller19 Sep 2017

Great idea!

J.19 Sep 2017


You have been mentioned on nextstep ??

Tiago Neves20 Sep 2017

You asked and OutSystems delivered   

This was one of the new features announced yesterday, to become available probably in December.

Stefaans Bothma20 Sep 2017

This is great news

Harry de Boer25 Sep 2017


Great! You made me curious  . Which other features were also announced ? 

Regards, Harry