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When I select a module, Lifetime detects if any other module becomes broken. If it does, I have to include the broken module. After that, Lifetime validates the new module and detects if the newly added module breaks other modules, and so on.

It seems that Lifetime only validates modules that are on the immediate next level of the module we are including.

Why doesn't Lifetime validade the whole tree recursively?

Today Example:

#1 Select Module A => Module B becomes broken

#2 Include Module B => Module C becomes broken

#3 Include Module C => Module D becomes broken


I want to publish Module A but I need to include Module B, C and D. But Lifetime only tells me that I need to include Module D after I include module C, but Lifetime only tells me that I need to include Module C after I include Module B...     get it?

Lifetime should tell me that I need to include Module B, C and D right after I selected Module A.

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Created on 20 Sep 2017
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When you're talking about the modules, you mean eSpaces or applications? Just to get the idea clear


Thanks for your feedback guys!

I hope the new LifeTime experience provided on Platform Server 10.0.804.0 helped here by adding dependencies automatically right after clicking on the "Validate Now" button. However, we are not adding the whole tree. 

The new experience:

I believe by adding the whole tree we could face some usability challenges, like:

- Could be overwhelming in big factories and users could be lost after LifeTime adds a lot of dependencies;

- The user can always include a new module version (not exactly the latest) which can fix the missing dependency but without adding a new module dependency;

- The process should deal and warn about circular dependencies;

- For deployment plans with a lot of dependencies, the validate could take a while.

Having this in mind, I would like to have your feedback and iterate on it.


Joao Bento

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Hi Miguel!

Moving this to "not right now" according to my previous reply. 

Feel free to give us your feedback so we can better understand your reality.