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Whenever breaking changes are made (e.g. remove an attribute from an entity), all referencing modules will become incompatible. This information shows up in the 1-Click Publish window in Service Studio. The problem is, these messages are cluttered with a number of other messages (e.g. outdated consumers), and can not easily be isolated. This makes it not very easy to quickly open these modules to update their references. 

There is no way to sort the 1-Click Publish messages, to get all incompatible messages together. There is also no way to copy ALL messages (one can only copy a single message), to be able to paste the info into something like Excel to filter out the incompatible messages. And there is no way to open these incompatible modules directly from the list, one has to actually open the modules one by one.


  • Being able to sort the messages list to put all incompatible messages together.
  • Being able to copy all messages.
  • Right-Click on incompatible message, drop down menu shows option to open the named module.
  • Command button added to 1-Click Publish window (e.g. besides the "Close" button) to open all incompatible modules (same functionality as used with Find usages in all eSpaces, which offers you the possibility to open all these modules at once).
Created on 22 Sep 2017
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22 Sep 2017

Ideally, one should be able to just open all the consumers at once and fix whatever needs fixing.

11 Apr (11 days ago)

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