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Would be great for troubleshooting if the runtime values used in query parameters were also logged in the error log text. The tenant Id would also be a good idea to support multi-tenant scenarios.

Of course this would only be applicable to query related errors and they could be shown in the log in a very simple manner like:


TenantId = 1

Param1 = 123

Param2 = "Text"

Error in advanced query (...)


This would allow much faster debug in Service Studio.



Created on 26 Sep 2017
Comments (5)
26 Sep 2017

Good idea! 

28 Sep 2017

Excellent idea. Currently you have to do additional logging for these values

30 Sep 2017

Yes, would be really nice.

2 Oct 2017

Agreed, this would make life so much easier.

Currently I added my own logging to display the executed SQL command.

29 Dec 2017

What if the parameters contain confidential information like password or credit card numbers? How would you feel having that being dumped in log messages? Or would you like to have this on only in development environments?