To Commit a list of entity records to database

On our radar

To provide a Create action which commits a list of entity records to database. Currently we just can insert one record at a time. And to commit a list of records need an iterator to Commit each record individually using create action. 

A commit a list of record would be much more useful. 

Created on 29 Sep 2017
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Hi Som,

You could try using the Bulk Insert tool to do the list commit.


Note that for mobile apps, there is already such a possibility (CreateOrUpdateAllEntity). It would be nice to have it for web apps as well.

Hi Som,

Did the suggestion made by Carlos to use the Bulk Insert serve your use case? If not, what do you think we can improve on that?


Like I said, CreateOrUpdateAll (as well as DeleteAll) would be nice to have for Web Apps as well. Bulk Insert can be used for one-time, large data sets, but sometimes you want to add three or four records, and having to use a For Each each time is laborious.

Writing your own wrapper for CreateOrUpdateAll would be very simple.