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We don't have a clear picture when to ask OutSystems to upgrade our PaaS. Although we aren't facing any issues with our environments, it would still be nice to be sure that you aren't lagging too much - in worst case you could drop outside of the upgrade path, couldn't you?

So an advisor would be useful . 

Created on 2 Oct 2017
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3 Oct 2017

Hi Mika,

Can you elaborate further on your idea? 

I mean, you have detailed release notes and notifications for every release launched. 

Thus, you can assess if the new minor features and the defect corrections are relevant for your environment or not.

On any software, it's obviously a good idea to define a pace of upgrade, to get problems fixed before they hurt you, but there's no "one size fits all" solution for all customers.

So, how would you expect OutSystems to provide generic and still useful advice? 

I am curious to understand your ideas.

Thank you.