Making the post as SPAM

By Debasis Sahoo on 5 Oct (12 days ago)

As i see there are lot of the posts that are irrelevant to Forum, i would request the Admin to provide an option for making the post as SPAM viz. "Report as SPAM".

Also, the Admin should block such users from posting any inappropriate contents in the Forum so as to maintain the decorum of Forum.

Leonardo F6 Oct (11 days ago)

Hello Debasis. We from the OutSystems MVP are tasked with such an effort, and we already have tools to deal with spam. We always try to keep the forums clean, but unfortunately you might come across some spam content while we're distracted with something else :)

José Gomes6 Oct (11 days ago)

Or, as an alternative, it can be good to have a captcha to prevent non-human posts.

Kilian Hekhuis6 Oct (11 days ago)


The spam we are seeing are all human posts, unfortunately, so that won't help, it'll just annoy regular posters.