Add a Collaboration "Chat" for Component Team Members

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Not right now

Geo-diverse team members working on Forge components together have to use the awesome Private Messaging feature or direct email to communicate. It becomes a little difficult to collaborate efficiently. It would be great if we could leverage some sort of OS Chat function to do this for team members.

Created on 5 Oct 2017
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Yes, that would indeed be awesome, have thought of it myself, but never put into an idea. +1

This would be great.

Hi guys.

This is a really good idea. And we can help you with that. Probably in Q2. Hope you don't have problems with that!!

Ana Sequeira

Great to hear Ana!

woot woot!  Thanks Team!

Changed the status to
Not right now

hi Doug_inVA

we will keep the PM functionality and what we did, was allowing PM with 2 or more people. So we are not expecting to evolve this in another way in the next months.