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Right now it's not possible to see what version of an item is installed from the forge. Especially if you have changed such an item there is no way to tell anymore if there is a new version available.

An improvement would be to show in Service Studio and on LifeTime what version of an item from the forge is currently installed, so that it is easier to maintain extensions and keep track if there is an update for it.

Created on 7 Oct 2017
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Hi Paul,

I know this is quite annoying. I don't have the solution but in my most recent blog[1] you can find some tips how to manage your LifeTime to make it a little bit easier for yourself.

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken

[1]: https://medium.com/@m.habraken/how-to-manage-your-life-time-f6c4e38f4e0e

The forum topic from where this idea was created from (gives some insight): https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/30283/proper-way-to-update-a-module-from-the-forge

Kind regards,

Thanks, Evert!
@Paul I think that the replies of Eduardo & Evert in the original post already give you a pretty good idea about how to work around this problem. Maybe a little tip, when you have a changed forge component you can install the new version. However like already stated you will lose your changes, but with the merge functionality, you could easily merge your (old) changes and the changes of the Forge developers.