Switch Theme dynamically at the screen level

By Gonçalo Martins on 9 Oct (8 days ago)

It would be very useful if you could implement a feature to allow us to dynamically switch the Theme in use at the flow/screen level in run-time, according to a certain parameter.

Daniel Sintrão9 Oct (8 days ago)

As Front End Developer would love this feature, this would solve me a lot of problems.
Could reuse some common layouts with different themes would be fantastic specially in terms of CSS optimisation.

Nuno Costa9 Oct (8 days ago)


Vasco Pereira9 Oct (8 days ago)


João Ferreira9 Oct (8 days ago)


J.10 Oct (7 days ago)

Err, the +1 is not very friendly, hence we have a simple like button.


how do you expect it to work?

you can do it easily by changing the url in the page as a workaround, but as you are proposing it as an idea, i want to know how you see it inside the design.

Justin James10 Oct (7 days ago)

I would envision something similar to "SetCurrentLocale" and see the Themes enumerated like Roles, Resources, etc. so you can pass the right value along.