Copy eSpace elements as Dependencies

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It would be awesome if it was possible to copy elements from an eSpace and paste them as dependencies in another eSpace.

Example: eSpace A has a bunch of elements that I need to reference in eSpace B. I right click the elements, select an option like "Copy as Dependency" and then paste them directly into eSpace B, automatically creating the references to the pasted elements.

Since it's already possible to copy dependencies between eSpaces, this should be possible.

Created on 12 Oct 2017
Comments (4)

Yup, would come in handy, especially because the dependencies pop-up is so dreadfully slow.

If you drag something from another espace and it is public it will add it as a dependency.  It would be nice to have it more intuitive though.

@Rebecca: Yeah, I sometimes find myself copy/pasting, then deleting something just so the dependancies are copied. A lot faster than the dreadfully slow pop-up.

@Rebecca: Thanks for the tip! That's the kind of feature that would be really hard to find if you weren't actively looking for it.

@Kilian: don't even get me started on the dependencies pop-up! It is painful to use.