Add native OS support for "Event System" Forge component or similar functionality

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The external OS framework has a very limited call back mechanism between Web Pages and WebBlocks. The internal OS framework is much robust supporting bi directional communication between components.  The Forge component "Event System" also developers to tap into the internal framework.  The OS internal framework can change per release, leaving the "Event System" component inoperable for breaking changes.  Thus if one uses the "Event System" component, future OS upgrades are limited to those that "Event System" supports.  Adoption of the "Event System" component therefore is a high risk proposition.  OS should include the "Event System" component or similar wrapper around the OS internal framework.  With OS support, the risk of using the "Event System" component will be eliminated.

OS sells its self as a component based architecture, however any webblock component is really a second class citizen compared to the native OS components because the webblock has limited scope to what it can access, modify, and execute. 

Created on 12 Oct 2017
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This component is awesome, thank you Erik!

Liked :)