Web Blocks Screen Action executed on Web Page Ajax Submit - Event OnAjaxSubmit

By Eduardo Jauch on 16 Oct 2017

It is very common to have forms where a certain number of web blocks are repeated, through the use of a List Records, for example.

But it is very trick to be able to validate or submit inputs to be saved on those web blocks at the same time.

Would be nice to have the possibility of calling a Screen Action on an event like an "OnAjaxSubmit", enabling the execution of the action in case of an Ajax Event on the parent, for example, without having to resort to confuse/obscure JavaScript code + hidden inputs.

Of course, the transaction would probably be a problem, where I think the solution would be to all the events triggered at this moment to be in the same transaction (I don't know if this would be possible).

Goncalo Soares17 Oct 2017

It's not supported by OutSystems, but you may want to look at: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/597/event-system/

Eduardo Jauch17 Oct 2017

Hello Gonçalo,

I know Event-System. Already used it :)
But the idea is to implement something directly into the platform that make this easier on those scenarios.

Eduardo Jauch