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When we share an application in the forge made with our personal environment, the "created by" property of the pages, actions, etc keeps our personal email. Since I value privacy, this has prevented me of sharing applications in the past.

I suggest that, when sharing an application in the forge, the email gets replaced by the user name.

Created on 25 Oct 2017
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hmm, interesting point.

Btw, actually it is the username (it's the one you login with) and that is normally the email on the PE's.

But it should be anonymised imho, because it's not of interest to the community to be able to email people directly 

There is a removeChangeTracking command line option in Service Studio but it needs some kind of master key to be used.

@João Heleno Well, in that case it's even easier for Outsystems to implement.

@J. True, I was referring specifically to the name of the user (note the space between user and name in my suggestion). To be clearer, check this screenshot taken from Lifetime. 

It service studio should say "created my Márcio Lima".

Would be nice if you could set a name for all properties when the component is uploaded. Some kind of forge component check.

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expected delivery in Q2 2018

Hi Márcio

we are planning to review this experience during this quarter.


Ana Sequeira

Thanks Ana.

I promise I'll share a component when that happens for commemoration purposes. :)

Best regards,


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On our radar

We will need more time to think about it.