Allow attribute names to be > 28 characters

By JR on 25 Oct 2017

To enable easier integration with systems external to the Outsystems environment allow more characters in names. This will make integration much easier to setup and maintain. It should also improve the match rate when two entities are assigned to one another. 

Oliver Slater25 Oct 2017

This is a fantastic idea!

Darren Conroy25 Oct 2017

I really like this idea. Outsystems should implement this and make our lives so much easier!

Justin James26 Oct 2017

I would like to see this too, I suspect the issue is that attribute names are exactly mapped to the column names in the DB, and that this is something to keep cross-platform compatibility. Just a suspicion though... 28 is such a strange number to use as a limit.


Stefaans Bothma29 Oct 2017

Great idea