Make All Structure Attributes Public

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On large structures it would be useful to have a function to set all attributes to Public

Created on 26 Oct 2017
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I am not sure what you mean, you mean nested structures?

Hi J. sorry about the previous response it should read.

When I have created large 'nested' structures (sometime from JSON) I need to go through and set the levels as Public, it would be useful if there was a function to do this. I have structures with over 600 attributes so it has been painful to go through and set them.

I would love this. Just it is not for attributes, but for structures. My use case of this usually is when you importing big schema from SOAP service WSDL. It is generating lot of structures (e.g. 300) and if you would like to use these structures in another module, you should share them, so to make them public. To do this, you need to go through all structures one by one and change 'Public' attribute to 'Yes'. 300 structures taking about 20 minutes to make them public. 

Would be grate for example to select all structures and make them public at once.