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Like Oracle company, its employees, creates good books on Oracle. And as i know the learning source for Outsystems is so widely spread with a wide spectrum of technologies that is hard to be on the right track for a beginner (like me) in a web/mobile application. 

Hopefully,  Outsystems encourage its experts to publish books on Outsystems - Outsystems Javascript cookbook, OS Google Map cookbook, OS security cookbook, os tuning cookbook... etc.

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Created on 27 Oct 2017
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A number of the MVPs (myself included) publish a ton of content (usually on Medium). OutSystems also has plenty of content in the best practices area (success.outsystems.com). Not all of this is EASY to find, but it is definitely out there.

In terms of making an actual BOOK (like... physical, paper book), I do not see this as being realistic. Writing a book is a LOT of hard work, and there is not much money in it. I wrote professionally for seven years, looked at writing a book many times, and for something like an OutSystems book, if it was sold at a price people could afford, the author MIGHT make $1,000 for what was 1,000 or 2,000 or even 5,000 hours worth of effort. That is really poor pay for that much effort.


Thank you JJ,

As there is no complete good books, i am lack of confidence  whenever the users asked whether to use Outsystems for their business core or not.



why would a book help you with that?

as previous stated, there are tons of articles and you always have https://success.outsystems.com/Evaluation

I would like more content in Portuguese.

I would like more content in Portuguese.

I would like more content in Portuguese.

Barong -

Someone who uses "number of books available" to decide if a technology should be used need a different way of looking at the world. Stuff like the MEAN stack was able to take off long before books were available. Technologies like Java aren't worth using no matter how many books are available. ;)


I would have to disagree with that last part JJ, technologies like Java are worth using for a number of things.
But what comes to mind first is the study applications it has, Java is a fairly understandable language to start learning programming with, the number of books helps this case as well. By giving out enough resources it allows people to get into the language more easy.

Now ofcourse there are other languages more suitable for doing particular things, however having knowledge of  a general language like Java (or C#) will help people get into others more easily. In a way Java is like the gateway language to go into.

Though publishing a book would most likely happen in colaboration with a school/university though. The general public that uses Outsystems aren't using it for their study (if they have any), so in that sense, I'm pretty sure the community has enough material as it is already. However I think that attracting students to the platform would undoubtedly help it grow.

At the end of my message you will see a winking emoticon, which indicates "sarcasm". It was a joke.

Bottom line: this is one of those requests that come up from time to time, but there is no reason why people in the community can't make it happen themselves if they want. If you think a book makes sense, write it. If you think the demand is actually there, you will make a nice amount of money for your time. If you don't think you can write a book for time or talent reasons (not everyone is cut out for it!), then BACK A BOOK. Make a Kickstarter. Do a Patreon. Recruit a talented writer and make it happen.


Is it allowed to publish a book on Outsystems in my country language  without Outsystems' permission?



I did notice the winky face JJ and I did in fact take it as a joke :)

But it was a nice intro for my message.

OT: BB, I'm not sure.... I guess there could be legal issues, but asking permission first and setting some ground rules couldn't hurt right?

Hi Made,

Thank you so much for your idea! 

Even though having a book isn't currently on our roadmap, we’ll keep an eye here to check if this idea continues to grow. We would like to get comments from all of you on how having this would ease OutSystems learning curve.  :) 

Meanwhile, do you think that this idea would help to solve your problem?

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Hi Dinis,

Absolutely for me , a good book is the best source to learn in a structured way, in addition to relax our eyes for computer radiation.

regards, thank you

So... if someone put up a Kickstarter for this book, how much would you put in for it?


This forum discussion can be a contribute to the idea