Convert expression to text

By Johan den Ouden on 27 Oct 2017

When I look at "code" I see a lot of expressions with only literal text in it.

This is mostly done because there is no text widget on the menu left so people drag and drop the expression widget. Also the text was a literal text with dynamic data in it but the dynamic part has been removed.

Expressions must be evaluated so the consume time which is not necessary.

There is a "Convert to expression" method on a literal but there is no "Convert to text" on an expression.

When you can not type directly on the screen you must search for a literal and use copy past to get the literal and change it afterwards.

Vasco Pessanha27 Oct 2017

Hi Johan,

We've just implemented that feature and, since the Development Environment 10.0.709.0, you already have a text widget in the toolbox so I believe that you'll stop having that problem.

You can find the idea here:


Johan den Ouden27 Oct 2017

Thanks the is the most fastest implementation of a request ;)

Vasco Pessanha27 Oct 2017

Ahah lucky timing! :)